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Informed, you can adapt your behavioral changes...
and protect yourself from the long-term effects of endocrine disruption.

Our hair analysis kits

Choose your toxSeek analysis and identify the pollutants that are affecting you.

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Detection of 49 metals,
heavy metals and rare earths


Almost 1800 organic pollutants

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Detection of 49 metals,
heavy metals and rare earths

mercury - cadmium - titanium
aluminium - lead…

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Detection of almost 1800 organic pollutants

Pesticides - Parabens - Phtalates
Bisphenols - Flame retardants…

Chronic toxicity at issue

Chronic toxicity is a result of repeated administration of a pollutant at non-toxic levels. Over time, the most commonly observed effect is endocrine disruption.

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Organic and inorganic pollutants weave themselves into millions of enzyme systems governed by hormones. The defence mechanisms will be worn down, even modified. Then clinical effects can take hold: mutagenic to carcinogenic, autoimmune, reprotoxic or neurotoxic diseases.

Protecting ourselves is urgent…

Why analyse hair?

Hair is the only matrix which lends itself to long term studies of exposure to pollutants. Hair uses blood (proteins) to grow. Pollutants, circulating in the blood, are automatically captured in a weft of hair as it grows. Hair is cleaned as part of the analysis procedure. This cleaning allows for the decontamination of any external pollutants.

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Only pollutants which have circulated inside the body are detected.

Discover the 10 technical stages in the laboratory

Preparation and analysis techniques

Your hair samples will be subjected to a several-stage process to extract the pollutants stored during growth: cleaning to eliminate external pollutants and then phases of grinding, extraction, evaporation and filtration, before being injected into the analyser to identify molecules according to their mass.

In the press…

ToxSeek tells you the truth about pollutant contamination

About us

The toxSeek project:
research technology at the service of your health

laboratoire d'analyses toxicologiques

Born from a meeting between a pharmaco-toxicological doctor, a chemist, a public health specialist and an entrepreneur, toxSeek is a revolutionary environmental health project.

The findings are alarming: 100 % of the population has been intoxicated by pollutants. They are everywhere, in our food, our daily life and work, in the air that we breathe. But everybody reacts differently to this exposure. We wished to refocus the problem on humans and not only on the environment.

Thanks to high technology and our parmaco-toxicological expertise, we believe that change is possible.

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THE LABORATORY: Excellence and exclusiveness

Our toxicological analysis laboratory is equipped with latest generation cutting-edge technology. LC-QTOF-MS, ICP-MS, generally used for research, are controlled by our renowned pharmaco-toxicological doctor. CE standards, external quality control, validated procedures, every effort is made to guarantee the accuracy of our results. High technology is finally accessible to the general public.


The scientific committee checks and approves the procedures implemented. It is composed of doctors in pharmaco-toxicology, a chemist and a specialist in obstetrics gynaecology.

THE MEANING: Humanism and determination

If humans are at the centre of the toxSeek project, future generations are at its heart. Citizen action projects for information and education are being led by the association