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Select your toxSeek analysis and identify which pollutants have contaminated you…

Integral Analysis
Metal analysis
Organic analysis
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You will finally be able to find out to which organic pollutants (pesticides, phtalates, parabens, bisphenols, PFOA, alkylphenols…) and to which metals (mercury, cadmium, titaniume, aluminium, lead) you are most exposed.

Rate per analysis :€320.00

What does your kit contain?

  • Two sample tubes
  • A measuring tool for your hair sample
  • An explanatory leaflet
  • An activation card (to be kept)
  • A pre-addressed return envelope

Nearly 1800 organic
49 metals, heavy metals
And rare earths

Which organic
and metal pollutants in your hair
are analysed by our laboratory?

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How is your analysis carried out?

You receive a hair sampling kit along with a tutorial.
On receipt, the toxicological analyses are carried out and interpreted by our pharmaco-toxicological doctor.
You receive your analysis report by mail, along with information on the risks and potential sources of the pollutants detected.
Download a sample toxSeek Integral toxicological analysis report
Kit delivery
Delivery times
In order to remain in line with our laboratory’s quality procedures and the time needed to interpret results, we process a pre-defined number of toxSeek analyses per week.
The shipping date of your sampling kit will be communicated in the order confirmation mail.
The delivery of your sampling kit is free (Delivengo or Colissimo)
Samples are to be returned by post (a pre-addressed envelope is included in your sampling kit, postage at your expense)
logo toxseek integral
Rate per analysis :€320.00

The toxicological analysis of your hair is carried out in our high-tech laboratory in France.

LC-QTOF: Liquid chromatography analyzer coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometry.

ICP-MS: Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.

Any questions?

How can analysing my hair enable me to find out my chronic exposure to pollutants?
Hair constitutes a sort of biological memory which allows for the identification and dating of a possible exposure to one or several toxic substances.
Pollutants, absorbed by our bodies, are carried in our blood.
Hair uses blood to grow, and the pollutants are automatically captured in the hair.
Why does a toxSeek analysis need a 3 cm length of hair?
We advise you to carry out a toxSeek analysis on a 3 cm length of hair, starting from the root. This is equivalent to about 3 months’ exposure to pollutants.
It is, however, possible to analyse a length of hair as short as 1cm; the results will indicate exposure over 1 month. To summarise, the test remains effective on 1cm but a 3cm length will provide more information.
What will happen to my hair sample? Will it be kept? And my DNA?
The hair undergoes two extractions (solvent and mineralisation), thus altering its protein structure. The DNA is simply broken down.
Once the hair has been prepared, the altered residue is destroyed in specific containers for clinical waste, which are in turn incinerated.
Can hair dyes, capillary treatment or external pollution affect toxicological analyses?
Hair dyes and treatments using oxidisers such as hydrogen peroxide have a direct influence on the quality of the analysis of organic pollutants, as they are distorted by the oxidising substances and therefore made impossible to detect.
However, these oxidisers have no effect on our toxicological metal analysis. Other types of treatment, for example simple ammonia-based hair colouring, have no impact. Our procedures are not affected by external pollution sources because the cleaning of the outer part of the hair is an integral part of our procedure.
How is the sample of my hair taken?
It’s very simple. You receive a hair sampling kit to use at home, at your convenience. You need to cut a strand of a diameter of 1 mm (around 50 to 70 hairs) from the root, a process made easier with our sample measuring tool. We provide you with precise instructions in our tutorial, from cutting the hair to inserting it into the toxSeek tube contained in the kit.
How long will it take to receive the results?
After we receive the samples, it takes around 20 days for your toxicological analysis report to be sent to your customer account. (The protection of your personal data is optimised on our secure site, hosted on a special server approved for storing health data). You will be informed by mail when your report becomes available.
I have several children, should I test them all?
Even if they live close together, children all have their own habits, schools, clothes, and favourite food and drink. It’s also worth noting that different children won’t have the same reaction to being exposed to various toxins. Toxic absorption is very often different for each child of the same family. We therefore recommend you carry out the toxSeek test on each of them to identify any shared and individual sources of exposure.